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Friday, April 23, 2010

Adjusting during travel

I was lucky. The Henderson Multigenerational Center's fitness room has quite an array of weight machines, and I was able to substitute for two out of the three I normally use. The lat pulldown machine did not work for me with my shoulder as it is because I would have to open my arm too wide, which I can't do just yet. So I was able to do most of my regular little workout here.

I hoped to be able to do a water workout too but it's been really busy and that has not happened and I don't expect it will. There is turmoil among family members, various crises, and I am here too short a time to do everything.

The pain continued yesterday. Last night I drugged myself again with acetaminophen pm, and I think that has taken the edge off the pain today. I don't like taking any drugs for this but there do come times when it seems the right thing to do. I'll get through this and hope in the right direction.

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