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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Good News Just Keeps Coming

I had an appointment with the surgeon this afternoon. First a tech took an x-ray of the knee face-forward and one from the side. Then Dr. W came in. He said the x-rays look great, everything is as it should be. He then looked at my knee scar and asked about how much movement I had gotten. I told him 98 degree bend and -8 degrees on the knee extension. He said that was great.

I asked if there were another, perhaps smaller, brace that I could change into. He said unfortunately no, this is about all there is for this situation. BUT I can take it off in two weeks, not three!  Everything is healing so well.

I asked about driving. I said I have a manual shift car but my daughter has offered to trade cars with her automatic. So when can I drive? "When you make that trade...and when you're off the narcotics". So that's good news! Not so wonderful news for Elaine, who offered this trade: she is going to drive eight hours each way for me. Otherwise she would have flown. This is very generous of her!

Finally, I asked when I could get the other knee done. Eight to ten weeks, he said. Wow. We'll decide whether I want to do this when I have my next appointment in about two weeks.  It seems like a good idea to go ahead about as soon as I can.  Anyway, I already miss those guys at the transitional care center.

Afterwards, dear Maryann gave me a ride to Costco to pick up a prescription for coumadin, and then to Vons to get some groceries.  I'm set for several days now, if not more.  Right now simple is my watchword.  Brown rice, potatoes, veggies, nothing that takes much time or effort to make, just yet. Gotta save the energy for other things.

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