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Monday, May 9, 2011

I Can Drive! I Can Drive!

But don't be calling on me to pick you up any time soon. This driving thing, even with an automatic, takes it out of me right now. I am not in a hurry to drive around just yet.

Daughter Elaine left for home at about noon today. She helped me a LOT while she was here. I could get used to this invalid situation, almost. It is really nice not being expected to dive in and do this and do that, but instead just to sit back. Elaine took off with my car, a manual shift, and left me their automatic Toyota Corolla.

I had to fill a prescription for Percocet, because mine ran out. I decided to go to CVS because it's closer and smaller than Costco, even though I knew it would cost more. It took just as long, about 20 minutes.  Getting in and out of the car was a little hard on my knee but not bad. What's clear is that I won't do any long drives soon because my leg would stiffen up soon and be that much harder to get out of the car.

I'm not sure where the energy went but it may have something to do with the difficult nights. One more week of this brace and there should be at least some relief in that department. As for now, nap time.

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