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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Revenge of the Right

Today I went to the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande, about 13 miles from home. This is a giant street fair, covering many streets up and down and back and forth in the "Village", which is the older commercial part of town. I parked on a dirt lot some distance away and took the shuttle to the festival. I spent about an hour walking up and down and around and finally back to the bus pick-up spot so I could return to my car, carrying strawberries of course.

Lately, and especially today, my right leg has started to complain when I walk. My hip hurts, my knee hurts, I feel twinges in different parts of my leg. My last therapist warned me that this would happen, that the change in alignment of my body would start to aggravate the pain in that leg. The ultimate solution is the right knee replacement, but for now I have one straight and one crooked leg and I have to figure out how to deal.

I thought maybe if I just walk longer it will ease up. It did seem to ease, just a little, but not much. I'm fretting about this a bit because I don't want to be limping on that side, I don't want to be just as gimpy as I was before surgery. I want to walk as normally as I can and feel as good as I can. So I will continue to work it very slowly and carefully, and when I see Paul on Tuesday I will ask about it.

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