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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home Again...or is that Home Alone?

I'm both, of course, home again alone. Home alone again. Something like that. It is quiet except for the occasional excited chatter by cat Toonces, who has been trying to catch me up on what's been happening here.

I have taken a couple of naps and watched some recorded television shows. I have adjusted my brace about 50 times, which is average, and arranged my leg different ways. I have iced the knee, and I have walked around the house with my cane. I can see why the cane, I must admit. Although I can get around without it, I am able to maintain better posture and leg work with it.

I can manage everything in my house. No, I am not going to reorganize a lower cupboard in the kitchen, but other than that it is all as I expected, achievable.

Tomorrow I see the doc in the afternoon, and if I am up for it, I'll do a little grocery shopping, courtesy of driver Maryann of course. The following day, Tuesday, the professional organizer comes in to help me organize my office! One four-hour block mostly morning. I am going to have to be getting up and down during that time but I think that's fine. My main challenge before Tuesday is to move the four-drawer file cabinet to a different location. If I take one thing at a time I think I can do it.

Back to my book and a little television...

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