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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, almost as soon as I was cleared for takeoff I did take off. I went to a gathering of the Central Coast Vegetarian Network at a local restaurant-deli, Petra.  With nine other people I enjoyed a falafel sandwich - really good - and chatted with some of them. As usual, I pulled out my camera and asked Erika to find someone to take a pic of us all, which she did, and then she took some of smaller clusters of us.

Later, I uploaded those photos to the ccvegnet website and had a look. In the pics of me I saw that I had slipped into my old slumpy habit. I have gotten much better about focusing on how I stand, how I walk, but I also need to focus on how I sit. It's all part of the same package. Eternal vigilance is not only the price of freedom. It is the price of a stronger me.

It felt good to get out in this official capacity, in a small group. I may go to another gathering tonight, a larger one, just to stop in and say hi to those I know. Also on the agenda for today is a pedicure. The last time I had one was two days before my surgery. That time it was a celebration of the surgery. This time it will be a celebration of my new freedom.

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