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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bella Bella and More

My daughter arrived Wednesday evening, with dog Bella (see above). Bella is the type dog that has a lot of energy and needs to get out and use it every day. If she doesn't, she goes a little crazy. So Elaine brought her along so she could be company when Elaine hikes or walks and to make it a good time for both of them.

What neither of us expected is that scaredy-cat Peanut (also see above) would not freak out with Bella around. I'm not saying he has gone all lovey-dovey with Bella, but he is not much bothered by her, either. Usually, when faced with another person or animal, Peanut takes off as fast as a speeding bullet, far faster than his heft would suggest he could do. 

Thus the Bella visit has satisfied yet another need: to see how Peanut would react to having a dog in the house. And everyone is getting along with harmony, at least as well as one can imagine. 

Yesterday was another physical therapy day. Toonces loves these visits. He tried very hard to help, too. When Wade was massaging the "ropy" threads in the back of my knees (that should not be there, that need to be broken up), Toonces naturally wanted to do some kneading of his own. But of course he did not retract his claws sufficiently. He means well.

There is much to do yet, to get this knee to bend both directions as much as it should. It feels discouraging at times. But I have had a couple of nights of decent sleep without the intense pain (mainly because I took the nurse's advice and took Ambien plus two Percocet tablets before going to bed) and I think this helps my outlook a bit. I still have a fentanyl patch on my shoulder, but when it comes off tomorrow evening that will be the end of that, and I am thinking I will be fine without it. Being able to do the exercises during the day, without having to add extra pain relief, is a great thing. 

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