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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It hurts

My first full day out in the open. I decided that a good way to celebrate would be to get a pedicure. However, there was a park-wide yard sale this morning so I extended my daily short walk to take in the whole park and to stop at a few places and chat. I talked to one of the yard-salers for several minutes, and I could feel my leg hurting while I stood there. She was enthusiastic about my knee surgery because she herself had had it done a few years back and is very happy with it. She had other medical tales to tell as well, so the standing kept on. Finally I broke away and headed home.

I keep wondering about this walking. It seemed that I was walking well and generally without pain at the transitional care center, but each day when I set out now I am not all that comfortable. Of course I am working on how I walk, how I hold myself, how I step, how I breathe. I am also not on any drugs during the day. A few more weeks, perhaps another six weeks, and I should be walking longer in comfort.
So many different types of women come here.

I headed for the pedicure at about one in the afternoon. When I walked into the nail place the woman asked me to come back in a half hour. The chairs were almost all full.  Both manis and pedis. I think Saturday is a very popular day for nail work. So I left the building and decided I'd walk to Vons, which is in the same center, and pick up a few groceries. I made my way over there and, relying on the grocery basket for some support, I picked up several things and headed back to my car. I put the bags in the car, then went into a coffee shop for a cup of tea. Finally it was time to go back for my toes.

That's a little fan aimed at my toes.
The pedicure went without incident. No issues with my knee, I'm happy to say. And my toenails are blue! I returned to my car and drove home from there. It wasn't really a big day but my knee hurts. I think I may have given it a little too much to do today overall. Reality bites.

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