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Monday, May 23, 2011

Out and About

This morning I met friend Devra at Panera Bread, had tea. We had a nice chat. It feels so good to be doing ordinary things. A bit later I did my usual little walk around the block, encountering a neighbor who cheered me on and I met a heckuva lot of cold wind. Worked on the walk, the alignment, the posture, then used the stairs for additional exercises on the way into the house.

This afternoon I arrived at my appointment with Paul, the physical therapist, a bit early. He was running a little behind so I waited. When he came out he introduced himself to me. I told him I'd seen him twice before and I hoped those records were in the file. But they weren't. Nothing from the past. I was flattered that he didn't remember me, either. Thought I was a little bit memorable, but maybe not!

He had his intern do the measurements of me while he watched. Some things looked good and others not so good. The flex is good, is functional for most purposes. The extension, of course, needs work. The leg needs to get straight at the end of each step so I have a slight limp when I walk. I hated hearing that.

After getting all the measurements Paul had the intern pull out some exercises for me to do, and I did what I could. Some had to be modified for now, until I can build up strength to do them as originally designed. I forgot to ask about doing these in the gym, unfortunately. I think it will be easier for me if I can do that. But I have my next appointment on Wednesday. I'll remember then. And in the meantime I will do the exercises at home.

As for the other leg, Paul said I need to get the first leg as strong as I can as fast as I can. Then get the second knee done. He seemed to think my goal of October is a good one. One baby step at a time, is what this looks like.

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