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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Paying Off

I had a three-day break from physical therapy. Frankly, I don't like that. I want as few days as possible between these visits so I don't slip.

Nevertheless, I do try to use the time reasonably well and to focus on every move I make. Thus my little walks around the small block I live on and to the mailbox take a bit of time because I am telling myself lift heel and toe, watch alignment, stomach in, stay tall - with every step. And take small steps. Moving is not a problem for me. Moving correctly is.

Inside the house, too, every time I get up I think of alignment, stomach, weight on inside of foot...walking down the hall has become a regular journey, a challenging journey, every time. I have to stop myself from just "going" and go deliberately wherever I go.

In addition to the focus on walking I am of course continuing stretch exercises and doing some specific leg lifting efforts whenever I go into the bathroom. I have a whole repertoire now and I am doing one thing or another in between whatever other business or home activity I need to do. I know that I could do more. I have to give myself credit for doing, though.

The physical therapist finally arrived this afternoon and, among other things, he wanted to see me walk with and without my cane. And he said I am moving much much better than I was last week. When we got to the extension work I had not gained any degrees, sad to say (actually lost, because the goal is zero), but my leg seems straighter in general than it has been. The work is paying off.

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