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Monday, January 22, 2007

tea and me

In Arthritis Rx (see last post for link) the author lists the "best foods" alphabetically and describes the benefits of each. His knowledge of these foods is far greater than the typical nutritionist's or the typical online analysis. One of the foods he extolls is green tea. His description of the many characteristics of this tea and of the studies that have proven its benefits have made me a believer (not that I wasn't already). I hereby resolve to drink four cups a day, the number that seems to show the best effects.


modifiyeli arabalar said...

i suppose to you Turkish tea .. maybe you can find it in supermarket named "Rize tea".. You will fell good.

Judith said...

I looked up Turkish tea and found a blog post that indicates it is grown without pesticides and is good for your health. So that's a good suggestion.