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Sunday, January 14, 2007

More water

I have continued to drink a lot of water. I don't yet sense a difference. I believe I have seen a difference when I take acetaminaphen pm at night, however. When I take it my knees are not in as much pain during the night or when I awake.

The book has not yet arrived. I ordered it through QPB, along with several other books, and unfortunately that company is not so speedy in mailing books out.

Along with drinking more water I am drinking less wine and not eating later in the evening. I am keeping track of what I eat and drink in dietpower (yes, as I said before, I'm a dietpower dealer). What I always notice when I do this is that I eat less and eat more healthily. I also notice that I have more time to do other things because I am not raiding the cupboards or looking for a snack while driving somewhere. This means that, even though I have not yet lost any weight, I am feeling a bit better about myself. All of which goes to show that we don't always choose what's best for us - I have to work at it.

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