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Thursday, January 11, 2007

starting fresh

Like so many other people, I am starting the new year with new goals. For me, it's not really because it's a new year. I eschew the making of resolutions. But periodically I start over. It's the only way I can hang in there. I give myself permission to start over again and again and again.

While I wait for my new book (mentioned in the post labeled "facing pain") I am making some small changes. I am drinking more water, logging my food and any exercise in dietpower, and not eating after dinner. I will probably cut back on wine consumption, too, given that I have recently begun to drink two glasses a day. For now, one glass a day. Later I will cut it out altogether except for the occasional treat.

After drinking lots of water yesterday I tried to gauge any difference in my joints when I got up this morning. I didn't really notice. More time is needed.

Shameless plug: If you look into dietpower and think it may be for you (I have used it for years and whenever I do I become healthier), and you decide to buy it, just enter my name - Judith Lautner - in the space where you can put in a dietpower dealer, and you will get $5 off the price. I have been a dealer for a few years but tend not to sell it actively. Considering how good a program I think it is, and how unpushy this company is, I do recommend it.

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