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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting on the floor

page from Arthritis Rx
The page on the left is from the Arthritis Rx book (see link at right side of this blog). It's one in the A series of exercises. The exercises are based on yoga and pilates but are modified to prevent damage. Thus the first one, which is normally done standing up, is done lying down. Of course for many of us getting down will be a challenge in itself.

There are several exercises, each done with deep breathing, and few involving repetition. So no mindless "sets", which is a bit of a relief to me. The plan is to do this series three times a week until I am essentially pain-free. The first two weeks are expected to result in increased pain but after that it should subside. I can live with that. I expect after a few weeks that I will have the series memorized.

Today will be the first day.
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