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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some signs of something

The other day, in Aqua class, the teacher asked, after several "interval" trials, "Are you ready for a break?" and of course somebody said yes. I said "no!" My main reason was that I knew this teacher had strategy - she doesn't give us breaks until we no longer need them, or else until we don't want them...I'm not sure, but usually the right answer is not what you think. So I tried for the right answer.

But in fact, although my arms in particular were aching from pushing hard and fast, back and forth, while my legs were twisting, suspended above the bottom, I knew I could go more. I knew I was feeling strong, and it occurred to me in general that I can do more longer than I could several weeks ago.

These experiences don't always translate to pain-free walks and happy hips but I do think they are part of the solution. And it is always nice to feel strong.

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