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Friday, July 16, 2010

I got what I wanted.

I scheduled an appointment at my doctor's office for today. My regular doc doesn't have any openings until the end of August so I took a chance on a Physician's Assistant. I came in with my disabled parking placard application, wanting to be sure to get a signature on that, at the very least.

I told the PA that I'd been having increasing pain in my hip and whole right leg and foot and I wanted to confirm that it's arthritis and not something else. I also said I thought it might be helpful for me to connect with a physical therapist who can evaluate where I am and help me with the exercises I need to be doing to get stronger where I most need to. The PA agreed that this would be a good idea and arranged for x-rays of my hip, saying we already know you have arthritis in your knees so no new info would be gained from doing that. (saves me money too)

The x-rays confirmed arthritis and did not show anything else of interest. A radiologist will look at them, too, and I should get a call about what is found. Therefore, the PA gave me a prescription for six sessions with a physical therapist and she signed my parking placard app. So I got what I wanted! Now I just need to choose a PT in this area, perhaps not the easiest thing to do. I may ask Clara.

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