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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So now I'm a critic

I started at the gym in April. I took my first Aqua class on April 15. I am now getting to the gym regularly six days a week, three of them for Aqua classes. This week and last I had two new Aqua instructors, both on Monday. Kerry is no longer the Monday person, so there is a new person in the morning, and the gym has now opened up two new evening Aqua classes, Monday and Wednesday.

I found Alisa boring. She is the Monday morning replacement. I kept looking at the clock. She would tell us to do something and demonstrate briefly, then stand around until it was time to tell us to do something else. She didn't keep demonstrating, didn't keep moving, and neither did we. There was a disjointedness to it. I was not actively engaged so I kept looking at the clock to see how much longer.

This last Monday I tried the evening class instead of the morning. I don't really like the idea of doing this in the evening but like the idea that these classes are available if the morning ones just don't work out. I found that most of the people in there were, of course, people who work during the day. The class was smaller than the usual morning ones but okay, nine people.  This instructor, whose name I now forget, was a little timid about opening up two lanes (she admitted to being a little afraid of the swimmers). Then she was a bit similar to Alisa, in demonstrating and then not staying with it. She did more but I felt we would almost stop before going on to the next move. Incredibly, I felt I was not getting enough of a workout! Usually I am desperate to cut it back!

I have been trying to figure out what the difference is among the different instructors. Each has her own style but there are some things the connect the ones I like better: we are always moving and they are always moving. There is a rhythm, a sense of direction, to the moves. The good ones push us, even as they offer "back-off" options for those who can't do something.

As for me, I am wondering what I will do now. Either go with the Monday morning and just grin and bear it, or see how I do swimming, is how I see it now.

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