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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adding to the routine

Yesterday I met with trainer Clara. I showed her the exercises given me by the physical therapist and asked if she might be able to come up with machines that I could use for some of them, when I am at the gym. She said yes, for two of the five. I told her about the pain in my right foot and how it feels and she suggested that we try some feet stretching exercises. And I asked if she could recommend a few things I can do in the pool when I am there. We then went upstairs to the weight room areas.

She showed me the leg extension and hip adduction machines, and I tried both of those. I then tried different ways to do both the calf stretches and the squats, because neither were working very well for me.  By the end of my trials and Clara's observations, I had an expanded routine (including minor changes I have added over time):

15 minutes on upright bike at level 10
5 minutes on treadmill - walk normally, focusing on feet, knees, posture. Could go longer if it weren't for my hip pain. I now have added 30 - 60 seconds of walking with my toes pointed up as part of the five minutes. This is one of the foot stretches.
1 set of 15 reps on row machine at 95 lbs
1 set of 15 reps on lat pulldown machine at 95 lbs
1 set of 20 reps on leg press at 180 lbs
2 sets of 10, increasing to 15, on hip abduction machine at 80 lbs
2 sets of 10, increasing to 15, on leg extension machine at 35 lbs, focusing on VMO

rubber band exercises:
compound row, red and green bands, 3 sets of 15
shoulder external rotation, red, 3 sets of 15
empty can, green, 3 sets of 15
lat pulldown, red, 3 sets of 15 - I often don't do this because it's hard to find a door or other place in the gym that I can use.

chest stretch, 30 sec each side
calf stretch, 30 sec each foot: changed to one foot behind the other
squats at rail - put feet toes right at the wall, hold on for support, dip, do not hold
stick stretch - I'm doing two stretches where my right arm helps stretch my left (the problem arm). Right now I am stretching three sets of fifteen seconds each
Foot - sit and point and flex for 30 - 60 seconds total each foot (also when foot pain flares up)

When I said this might take me to an hour total, Clara suggested alternatives: doing upper body one day, lower another, for four days total, or stay with three days and have the upper body the middle day. I did the whole thing today and it did not go a full hour. I think I will stay with three days a week doing it all.

In addition to the gym routine, I am doing the PT exercises every day, trying for twice a day (sometimes I just forget or am too tired for the second set). And of course I continue to do Aqua three days a week. I may exchange one of those days for swimming. I haven't decided yet. The PT exercises are:

quadriceps muscle set
short arc quad
hip and knee flexion
All twice a day, most held for 10 seconds, total 10-15 times

When two months has passed from the PT appt I will have another PT appt. After that, I will get together with Clara again and we'll see if changes need to be made.

Lately I seem to be having less pain overall. Still hard to walk at time, hip pain at times, but less often. I am having more better times.


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Anonymous said...

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Judith said...

I'm delighted to hear that, Andrea! It's one of the reasons I write about this.