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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some kind of progress

As promised, I do not write in here every single day, I do not report on every single workout now. I have settled into a routine where there are not significant changes, or even small changes, every day.

I had a few nights of cramps in my inner thighs and in my feet. These may have corresponded to a change in the Monday instructor of Aqua. I am not sure I did everything correctly and I know we did not do great stretches at the end. Another possibility is my use of arch supports. After I started wearing them I started having pain in my right foot, right around where the support is. So yesterday I pulled them out and I am going without for a few days to see if there are changes. It appears that the pain is going away so that part I may have guessed right.

Otherwise, not a whole lot has changed. I still have significant pain in my right leg-hip area. When I wake in the morning I limp, bent over, to the kitchen to feed the cats. Gradually I get myself straightened up and can limp, not quite so bent over. I continue to remind myself to stand and walk as straight as I can and to pull in my stomach. Usually, after a workout, I feel a bit more loose and am able to walk a little more easily.

The past few days I have noticed that I am a little more active in the afternoons. I work on something, perhaps just making dinner, and when there is a lull I clean something up or organize something. It smacks of having a little more energy. Could be. Energy, though, is such a fickle thing. It seems to depend more on my state of mind than on my state of body.

As to my regular workouts. I have upped the weights on the rowing and pulldown machines to 85 pounds and the leg press to 180 pounds. The rest is about the same. I do 15 minutes on the upright bike and five minutes on the treadmill. I could do more if it weren't for the pain. Damned pain. More pain on the treadmill than on the bike, as a rule. I used to love walking. I want to again.

It seems time to schedule another appointment with Clara. I think, though, that I should get an appointment with my doc first. I want to confirm arthritis in my hip and shoulder and ask about physical therapy. Maybe I can get a physical therapist who can test where I am more specifically.

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