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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some range-of-motion exercises

The Arthritis Foundation offers these exercises for getting started. Range-of-motion.

  1.  Head turns
    1. Look straight ahead
    2. Turn your head to look over your shoulder
    3. Hold for three seconds
    4. Return to front
    5. Repeat to other side
  2. Forward arm reach
    1. Put arms out in front, palms facing one another
    2. Raise one or both arms as high as possible (one arm may help the other if needed)
    3. Lower your arms slowly

  3. Knee Lift
    1. Sit in good posture
    2. Lift one knee three or four inches off chair
    3. Hold for three seconds and lower
    4. Repeat with other knee (you may help by lifting with your hands under your thigh
  4. Back pat and rub
    1. Reach one arm up to pat back
    2. Reach the other arm behind lower back
    3. Slide hands toward each other
    4. Hold for three seconds
    5. Alternate arm position
  5. Elbow bend and turn
    1. With arms at your sides, bend the elbows bringing palms towards the shoulders
    2. Turn palms down as you straighten elbows down to your sides
  6. By performing these exercises daily, you can begin to reap the benefits of improved flexibility and movement. Before starting this exercise regimen, keep these tips in mind:
    • Always cool down after exercising
    • Keep a positive attitude about yourself and your exercise program
    • You will get better at doing these exercises the more you do them
    • The more you do them the better you will feel

Some good advice, I'd say. I do think, though, that it helps a lot to have somebody specific to help you through this process. Doing these moves is good but then what? And I wonder what happened to number 3?

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williamsmarkseo said...

I am diagnosed with joint arthritis, I appreciate this post and really helpful information.