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Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Good, Some Not so Good

It seems like so much time has passed since last I wrote in here. I think that's because I have been busy doing other things, things unrelated to my body. These activities have worn me out and made me feel like not writing. But worse than that, which I'll explain in a minute.

I have been traveling a lot for events that are hosted by a foundation I belong to (and am vice-president of). I have had to make car trips to Los Angeles and back three times within a short period of time. On the good side, it seems like my knee handles the trips rather well, meaning I feel okay when I get to my destination, not too much stiffness or pain in that knee. And one night, Friday night a week ago,  I slept without drugs and went to sleep quickly. I woke later and was up a bit but overall it was n amazing night, almost like old times. The next two nights weren't as good but still weren't the worst either, and I was still without nighttime drugs.

Lately it's all gone to crap, though. The restless-leg syndrome has accelerated, is affecting both knees, sometimes for hours. And now my back hurts and I feel worse today than I have in a long time. I think all the driving is adding up to the need for possible chiropractic intervention.

But before I go that way I will continue with massage, which I started a little over two weeks ago. I have had two massages using mainly "trigger point" massage, working on those adhesions. I feel some hope for this type massage in helping both with the restless legs and with the straightening of the surgical leg.

I may be at the end of my time with physical therapy. The prescription ran out last Wednesday, two days ago. I see the surgeon again next Wed and it's possible he will not renew the prescription. Mainly because my knee is not straight and in particular is not any straighter than it was six weeks ago. In spite of all of my and Paul's efforts. It's been discouraging but I still think it's possible that I will be able to get it straighter over a longer stretch of time, like one or two years, or even more. If there is no more prescription I am going to be rather more on my own, which will be a little sad. I hope that if I no longer get to see Paul that he will take a little time to talke to Clara, my gym trainer, about where to go from here. I want to keep up with whatever I can.

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