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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dyna, Dyna, Won't You Cooperate?

I have been diligently using the DynaSplint. If I have a chance to stay put on the couch for a while I put it on there, during the day, and later put it on when going to bed. I am trying to get up to at least six hours a day. It's been difficult.

Almost every time my leg goes into that "restless leg" feeling after the splint has been on there for a bit, usually under an hour. It happened again tonight, when I had an hour and a half to go to reach my goal of four and a half hours. I tried and tried but could not stand it. I took it off early. This is the first time my record will show me not meeting or exceeding my daily goal.

I think the only way it could happen is if I had very strong pain relief or something that simply knocks me out. One thing I have not yet tried is marijuana. Arthritis is one of the diseases that qualifies one for medical marijuana and I have learned of a dispensary in town. I think it's worth a try.

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