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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sometimes an extra challenge is a good thing

Yesterday I miscalculated bus times and ended up having to walk home from downtown, which is a distance of about 2.4 miles as I recall, all on hard surfaces. This isn't a long distance but in my present state it is certainly a challenge. I could have called a cab or a friend but I decided to take on the challenge instead.

I started out relatively pain- and limp-free, which in itself was a good sign. By the time I reached home I was limping and stiff, and that stiffness remained for the rest of the evening. I had no cramps during the night or any weird twists in my knee. This morning I awoke very stiff and in some pain. It is already starting to ease, though, and I know that the walk did not harm me. It pushed me farther than I was ready to go on a regular basis but I believe such pushes, from time to time, give me some extra courage and belief in myself. I don't relish the kind of pain that I endure when I do things like this so I am not likely to go out there the next day and do it again. But I suspect that my next smaller walk will seem easier.

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