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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

hanging in

I have been on three trips within the past couple of weeks, all by car. I seem to be suffering some aftereffects of the driving and being driven. The morning after I returned from the third trip my lower back was in a lot of pain. It was a walking day so I struggled to walk, thinking the pain would ease as I went on. But it didn't. The next day and the next I have had pain in my right thigh, reaching somewhat into my hip area. But the back pain is gone.

I didn't have any knee pain, or not much in comparison. However, the night after I rode in the back of a van, with my knees forced into a bent position that they do not normally like, I had muscle cramps in both legs.

Added to these whiney notes is the fact that after all these weeks I have run into some walls here and there. In the fourteenth week I almost talked myself out of doing the exercises. Today I have in fact talked myself out of walking. I could have tried swimming instead but I didn't. Sometimes the pain just makes me want to rest a bit.

Honestly, I am not a hard-working person! I just make it sound that way at times.

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