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Saturday, May 12, 2007


For the fourth or fifth day in a row I am having pain in my right thigh and hip. I suspect I have arthritis in my hips as well as my knees. This made me think that if I had surgery on my left knee I may still be in pain. Probably would be. Not a cheery thought.

I was listening to XMPR as I drove home from the market this morning, thinking about my hip, and this weekend is a marathon of Bob Edwards interviews. The one playing at that time was about the border. He noted that the value of marijuana confiscated from Mexican migrants every year is in the millions of dollars. I thought about that marijuana and where it has gone. Did they burn it? If so, did they stick around to breathe it in? It occurred to me that I have one of the conditions that is listed in the medical marijuana law here in California. I could register with the health department - I think that's how it works - and if I then have marijuana around for my arthritis it would be legal. And right now that sounds like a great idea.

Of course there is the matter of the potency. The last hit I had of marijuana was maybe eight years ago and it was far more powerful than anything I had in my youth. I would not want to be *that* stoned. I would just want the pain reduced. So perhaps I could find out about cannabis extracts that can be purchased - with a prescription, I presume.

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