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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Pedi

Today I got another pedicure. Second one since I came out from the brace. I mention the first one in this post. Seems I had a harder time that day but I was also busier. I had no trouble bending my knee or holding my leg straight for various parts of the pedicure. Everything felt completely normal.

I also went to Costco to discuss phones and to the nearby Starbucks for a soy vanilla latte. Not as much walking as the last time I got a pedi, but I suspect I could have done that walking with better results today.

I realized that when I first got rid of the brace I was using the car for one or two things every two days or so. Now I get out there and make numerous stops and I do not feel any more tired. I am developing greater endurance.

Another improvement: I am taking two percocets in the evenings and usually nothing else, and it seems like I am doing better at night. I spend a lot of time awake still but only a small part of that time is really really uncomfortable. I haven't sat and sobbed for many days. I think things are looking up.

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