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Saturday, June 4, 2011

On a Dark and Rainy Day, Dark and Rainy Thoughts

I actually like rain. I'll admit, though, that I am tired of being cold. I keep pulling on jackets, climbing under blankets, trying to get warm. I turn up the heat but it doesn't seem to penetrate.

I blame the cold for my not being particularly active today. I went to the gym earlier, and came out at least as stiff as when I went in. That's another thing that's bugging me. It seems like I was walking better a couple of weeks ago than I am now. What has happened in the meantime? Although I am making advances through physical therapy, I am more active overall and I suspect the activities are annoying some of my joints. When I try to rest I can't get comfortable, and when I sit at the computer I stiffen up again. My right leg, particularly the hip, is not feeling good. So I catch myself limping and grabbing onto things. I pull myself up and try to overcome or at least ignore the discomfort and pain but it simply does not work.

I love rain. I would love to be out there, walking in it, preferably on a path, checking streams, looking at what gets caught up in the creeks. But instead I sit inside and grow stiff. Then I get up, try to loosen up, land on some place else and stiffen up again. On Monday it will be eight weeks since the surgery. I had hopes that I could be farther along by now. Or I am just impatient.

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