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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful?

I admit that I used that subject line to draw attention. I don't know about "wonderful" unless it's defined differently than I thought. However, I am reporting on some kind of changes.

Last night I think I had the best sleep since the operation. I woke up less often, stayed up not as long. Still spent quite a bit of time hanging around awake but less! I hope it's a trend. I'll also keep trying to stay awake longer, which is quite a challenge for me. When night starts to descend so does my energy. It's hard for me to do anything at all except read.

Yesterday at physical therapy I went through the same equipment as the last time, in a different order, and also did some steps up without walker assistance and tried standing on one foot. I am just terrible at that. My balance sucks the big one. I have tried doing the balancing a couple of times since, at home. No better, frankly.

I have also pushed my knee down while on the couch, both with my hands and from within, and I have put my foot on the coffee table, let my leg hang there with about four pounds of weight on my thigh. I did it long enough for it to hurt like hell. Then took the leg off and pushed it into the couch again and again. I want change here. I want straight. I need to keep this up.

At the gym this morning I did the bike - 20 minutes, level 9, 60 rpm, 125 beats per minute heart rate. Also did leg press, leg extension, and seated leg curl - this last took a bit of time because I had not used the machine before and had to figure out how to adjust it. Then did some lat pulldowns for good measure and finally hip abduction machine, holding each hip extension for a second or two before bringing it back in. At the railing I did some pushing back of my left leg. That is, I stood on my right leg and swung my left back and held it there for a count of ten.  Just did five of those, trying to keep my form right -shoulders down, chest up, stomach in.

Tomorrow: Aqua in the morning, therapy in the afternoon. I don't know if this is the best arrangement but it's all I got for now.

Oh, I forgot! We had Barb for Aqua yesterday, as is usual Wednesdays. I call Barb the Interval Queen. We do intervals of twisting, suspended. We do intervals of leg work, described in another of these posts. We do intervals, and they do work parts of the bod and I feel it. Yesterday I felt so good. I could do them, I felt strong, I felt, "I'm baaaack!" So maybe there is some kind of wonderful. No "maybe" about it.

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