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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pushing through

I have had lower back pain for the past several days. I get back pain now and then but usually it only lasts a day. Not this time. It is hard to do things when my back hurts, needless to say.

This morning I woke with back pain again but it was a little less. My legs, though, were doing worse. It was very painful straightening my legs out for some of my morning exercises. But, as usual, it helped a little just to do them. I found my way to the couch and my computer finally and thought I would do all right. Then I got up to get ready for Aqua class and a sharp pain hit my left calf, from knee on down. It was excruciating. I limped to the counter, which I grabbed, and considered not going to class. I could hardly walk.

The pain was so intense I decided to take an acetaminophen and codeine tablet. Just one. I can sometimes avoid nausea if I take just one. It was soon after that I got my stuff together for Aqua. During the class there were many times my knees and calves hurt, but it was manageable. I could not tell if the pain reliever made a difference or not. Just moving helped.

Lately I realize that I go to the gym more for day-to-day living than for longer-term goals. I find that the exercises help loosen me up a little, make me a little stronger, help me through the day. I know when I go that I will likely leave the gym feeling a little better than when I arrived. It's enough of a reason. And so it was today. I was able to go to the store and do a little shopping without much pain.

Having pain, even these bouts of extreme, burning pain, is not enough of a reason to avoid exercise. Especially because the exercise can help and rarely makes it worse.

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