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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cool in the Pool

I live in a place that has a mild climate. Rarely does the temperature dip below 60 degrees F during the day. But there is wind, and in an outdoor pool a temperature of 60 and a bit of wind can make for a chilly experience.

Monday was the first day I really felt it. We were moving actively, as we always are in Aqua class, yet every time my shoulders were outside the water I felt the chill, the goosebumps, on my arms. The water was warm then, however, so it was nice to stay as much under it as possible.

Today it was perhaps chillier and the water was not particularly warm. Probably warm enough for a summer day but not so much for right now. I heard different stories about this: 1)  that usually the pool gets cranked up a bit in the winter but perhaps the staff was caught unawares by the sudden temperature drop; and 2) the pool heater is broken and needs to be fixed.  I could buy either one of those. This is a nice gym but some things are neglected, obvious things, which I don't know if I will ever understand. Could be just a lack of consistent management or a real maintenance plan.

Barb, the cheerleader, was our leader today. She is the queen of the intervals and today she was really into that, to keep us warm. For example: We twisted, suspended (no feet on the pool bottom), as fast as we could, for these intervals:

30 sec, 15 sec break
45 sec, 15 sec break
60 sec, 15 sec break
60 sec, 15 sec break
45 sec, 15 sec break
30 sec, 10 sec break
60 sec, 5 sec break
45 sec, 5 sec break
30 sec

The "breaks" were times we put our feet down and usually did jacks instead of twists.  Following these intervals, we did five minutes of kicks, noodles under our arms and legs extended in front of us, kicks from the hip, alternating flexed and pointed feet. Five minutes is a LONG time doing that.  We did several other activities in intense concentration as well. I will say it did get us warm, as warm as possible given we were not entirely under water. When we "bicycled" in the water with our hands in the air our hands froze. I was reminded of that commercial: "I can't feel my feet!"

There is another class member who always wears a wetsuit top that covers her head as well as part of her face, plus a hat on top. She is practically unrecognizable out of the water. I asked her about her outfit and she said she was still cold but that she had tested the top by not wearing it one time and there is a big difference. She said it is very worth the cost. So I am seriously thinking I'll get me one before the next Aqua class.

The good thing is that all this activity, which really was not different from an average aqua class with Barb, just colder, did seem to be good for my joints. I was able to go to a market and do a little shopping without pain. And now I am moving around the house all right. Much different from yesterday.

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