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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Pain

I had a hard time last night, limping around the house, because my right leg - from the thigh to the knee to the calf to the foot - hurt so much. I took a couple of tylenol arthritis capsules when I went to bed, but woke at about 1:00 am in such pain that I actually cried. I tried pushing my right knee into the bed (one of the twice-daily exercises), an exercise that was so painful I gave it up. I finally took two more capsules of tylenol arthritis and tried to sleep. I found some ways of placing my leg that helped ease the pain a little and finally dropped off to sleep again.

This morning that leg was much better. Still not back to "normal" but more manageable.

I don't like taking pain relievers because I feel they distort my experience with arthritis and skew how it feels (among other reasons). But last night I even looked hard at a bottle of acetaminophen with codeine, just for a moment. That stuff takes away pain, most of the time, but it does so by making me so nauseous and headachey that I usually cannot tolerate taking it. So it was last night. I left it on the shelf.


Jonny Newt said...

Hi Judith,
The night pain is what gets me. No matter how bad it is during the day, I feel I can deal with it through changes in activity levels and painkillers.
When I don't get the minimum amount of sleep I am not a nice person to be around and the whole family suffers.
I don't seem to have a strong correlation between activity during the day and pain at night which makes it even more annoying - you never know when you are going to suffer.

Judith said...

I'm with you, Jonny. It is really frustrating that I cannot find correlations between my activities and pain episodes, most of the time.

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