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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting the Strength Back

I was sick on my trip. The first three days I was too sick to even think about exercise (although I continued to do my PT* routines). Then I started feeling better and better. I drove home Wednesday, three days ago, and I am now working on getting back where I was. I've been back to the gym three times, twice doing my weight machine routine and once to an aqua class. I have backed off the weights for most machines both times, and even then I felt tired. But I did them! I keep remembering one tip from the Arthritis Foundation: keep on doing the exercises even when you don't feel tip-top. Thing is, we arthritis folks don't tend to feel tip-top a whole lot, or at least I don't. So if I let the little setbacks throw me I'd never get anywhere.

I came home to find my gimp placard in the mail. So I have been enjoying driving up to the front of the gym, not having to hike in from the farther reaches of the parking lot.

* PT: Physical Therapist - see this and this.

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