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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ears and Thighs

I woke yesterday with a cold. I made it to the gym for my regular routine, then off to sewing class, and finally got home to pack for a trip to Las Vegas. I left home at almost 5:30 yesterday afternoon, planning to stop halfway and continue the trip today. I felt so sick I found it hard to pack and get moving.

I did make it to Mojave as planned, and into my favorite Motel 6. The trains here are very loud but it seemed like I only started hearing them this morning, so they did not interrupt my sleep. My sickness and more interrupted my sleep, though.

At one point I blew my nose and felt a sharp pain in my right ear. I hope I have not done anything seriously wrong to that ear. I don't think so. I woke several times feeling hung over, but without having had the benefit of the alcohol.

Then in the middle of the night I awoke with cramps in my inner thighs. You'd think that with the exercises I do specifically for this part of my body that I would avoid these cramps, but no. I managed to ease out of them by breathing deeply and stretching and drinking water. I don't know how the water helps but it seems to. I am hoping that the rest of the drive will not lead to another set of cramps tonight. Also hoping that I won't get sleepy from the decongestant I hope to be taking soon. I need to stay awake at least until I reach Las Vegas!

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EMR said...

Sometimes it happens to me that I am unable to move my legs due to the pain and they are somehow caught and I can not straighten them,is it also another form arthritis.