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Saturday, January 19, 2008


I used the Darvon that was prescribed for about 24 hours. When I got the prescription I noted that there was enough for six days and I wondered what I would do if those days passed and I was feeling no better. Fortunately, I did not have to face that. After about 24 hours my knee was doing remarkably better. I stopped the Darvon but kept up the Celebrex and I am almost back to where I was before this episode.

In the meantime, I did look into flax seed oil again. I was thinking of getting casule but learned that it would take 10-15 capsules to get as much as one gets in one teaspoon. It's no good to cook it so I wonder where, other than in smoothies or other drinks, I might use it and like it. Then again, maybe smoothies are the way to go. Bananas, strawberries, ice and the flax seed oil. I'll think about it.


IkeXango said...

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Peter said...

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