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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I went to see a doctor yesterday. Actually a physician's assistant, who did a fairly cursory exam of my knee. She said it's possible that I tore the meniscus.

From Zimmer:


Because the meniscus is strong and elastic in people under 30, a forceful twisting injury (such as one that might occur while playing sports) or severe trauma (such as getting hit on the side of the knee) is usually required to damage it.

As we age, however, the meniscus gets soft and is more easily torn. Degenerative tears in patients 40 and older can be caused by a minor event or none at all. They are sometimes triggered by something as simple as squatting down to pick up a spoon from the floor. They are often the result of osteoarthritis.

Torn Meniscus

She prescribed Celebrex and Darvon to help me through this tough time. I brought both prescriptions to Costco. Unfortunately, they did not have any Darvon (generic version) in stock, so I took home the Celebrex yesterday afternoon and will pick up the Darvon this aft.

I took one tablet of Celebrex last night, with food. So far I am not noticing any improvement in symptoms, sad to say. The pain has gotten to the point where I had trouble getting to the pharmacy in Costco. Such a wide expanse to cover. I grabbed a cart to hold onto and tried to relax.

While I try to avoid taking medications there are times the pain is so continuous and so debilitating that I just want it gone at whatever expense. (I worry about taking anti-inflammatories for long periods.) I am trusting that this is some kind of "episode" that will pass, that if I take the pain and inflammation meds for a short while they will get me through it and I will be back where I was.


Timothy Spaulding said...

Hi Judith. I just found your blog from

I recently posted on fish oil for rheumatoid arthritis or more specifically omega-3.

Other than your post from last January 22 about getting the book, I don't see anything about including fish oil in your supplements.

Research seems to indicate that somewhere between 2 and 4 grams of omega-3 a day results in substantial improvements in the symptoms of RA.

I was curious if you had been using omega-3's in your diet.

Best of luck to you.

Judith said...

Hi Timothy,

I don't mention fish oil because I am a vegetarian. I modify treatments because of my diet, which means I also do not take chondroitin. I do take a vegan glucosamine (made from corn).

I use olive oil most often, and sometimes grapeseed oil, neither of which upsets the omega 3 - 6 ratio. I am planning to add flax seed oil daily as well - flax seed oil is a good alternative to fish oil.

The book I am following addresses diet, exercise, and supplements, including supplements and foods containing omega 3s. I don't mention the foods or supplements often. It might be a good idea to repeat some of that information.

Oh, also - I don't have RA. And osteoarthritis is a very different disease, as you probably know. Nevertheless, the right oils help both.