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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another bike ride

I did the easy route again today. Perhaps I should call it Easy Route #1 in case I later have an Easy Route #2. This time it was cooler and there was wind.

If anything, I think I could say that I felt less pain today than I did the last time. I did not stop at all, challenging myself, and what I most noticed is that my endurance can use a little work and that my seat hurt. A couple of times I stood up on the bike just to relieve my crotch. The elements of that pain:

* I am not adjusted to riding yet.
* I am way overweight.
* My seat hardened while it sat for a couple of years (I could use a new one).

So clearly there are things I can do about it and I intend to.

I was occasionally thinking other thoughts while riding, somewhat not-bike thoughts. I think this comes from greater ease with riding. Right now I am still too fearful. I fear falling off the bike, mainly, because my balance is not great and I am not well coordinated. Yet I have fallen off three times that I can remember in my riding time, and the worst of that was that it hurt and it was embarrassing. Well, big deal. I expect to feel less fear and more exhilaration as my strength builds (and my weight declines). I still remember how great it feels to accomplish what for me is a difficult ride, including those wonderful interludes when I am really on my game.

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