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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cycling with the grandson

My eight-year-old grandson is visiting me for about ten days. I will put him on a plane on THursday, for home. One of the activities I planned for our time together was bike riding. I figured on two nice family bike paths, both mostly off-street and mostly level.

We rode both of them. Then Joey wanted more. So we rode our bikes to Marigold shopping center the other day, to buy craft materials (the boy loves crafts and his aunt and I are the main ones who like to do them with him). We stayed indoors yesterday, working on these crafts, while I considered other bike paths we might take.

Today we took part of the path in Pismo - there is a path connecting the blufftop parks but there are gaps in it and it isn't all off-street and it is mainly a pedestrian path, so we took a portion that seemed suitable for bikes.

On all these rides I did well. My knee hardly hurt at all and I had no bad after-effects, although I was a bit stiffer in the mornings. I like sticking to these level kinds of paths, not too long. I look forward to finding some a wee bit longer and then a wee bit longer than that. Very gradual buildup. I feel hopeful about bicycling.

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