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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yesterday I took my newly-tuned bicycle out for a test ride. It had been so long - years - since I rode it that I felt a bit uneasy just riding. I worried that I would not get my foot out of the stirrup in time when I stopped the bike (I have had stirrups for many years). I worried that I would not be able to control it in traffic.

Of course I found I am way out of shape. More, my left knee hurt. But not so much that it stopped me. Ever optimistic, I am counting on that pain to lessen over time.

I rode down the railroad path into downtown. I stowed the bike in a rack while I went into Barnes & Noble and bought a book and an iced coffee. Then I rode back by way of Osos and Broad Streets. By that time I was starting to get some of my street smarts back.

My knee makes it just about impossible to stand up and power anywhere. In other words, I really need to keep my seat on the seat to avoid more pain. But if I lose weight I figure I'll be able to use my strength more effectively.

It's a bitch always struggling with weight. But then, I don't struggle enough, really.

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