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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bike again

I took my bike out on the easy ride again, Orcutt-Tank Farm-Broad-Orcutt. This time I got off the bike three times - the first at the corner of my street and Orcutt, just to be safe turning the corner, the second when I slid into a gear that wasn't a gear and it froze up on me, the third when I walked it across Industrial Way to avoid traffic while getting back to Broad. I didn't stop for a drink or to buy anything.

My knee felt less pain this time than the last. I suspect the weather contributed, even though I have yet to find a real correlation, personally, between weather and how my knee feels. Yet it was hot and there was little wind, and those two factors might have meant less pressure on the knee joint. It was a nice feeling in any case. I even made the effort to use a little more muscle power. Just a wee bit. It's still a wimp's ride but I'm not proud and I don't care. It's working for me.

I think by this time I can say with near certainty that there has indeed been a change in my knee. It's as if the bottom level, the bad pain, the problem discomfort, has either gone altogether or shows itself very rarely now. This has been consistently so for at least two months. I suspect the glucosamine has done some work repairing the joint.

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