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Friday, February 9, 2007


I flew to Las Vegas last Wednesday. I took a small plane to Los Angeles, had a two-hour layover, then took a larger plane to Las Vegas. My home airport is small, can only accommodate small planes and has only three ticket counters. So there was no walking there. But in Los Angeles I had to trek some distance from one gate to another. When I got to Las Vegas I had to make my way through the terminal, to the shuttle, through the main terminal to the baggage claim area, and finally to the passenger pickup area, where my daughter Mary waited.

Mary and I had lunch, then went to the Tropicana Casino to see the Bodies Exhibition. There was a bit of walking involved in getting to and through the exhibit, although I did take advantage of the benches within the exhibit.

All of this walking on hard surfaces took a toll on my legs, on my knees. I followed up, yesterday afternoon, by heading back to the Las Vegas airport, trekking through to the same distant terminal, and flying to New York City. I arrived at midnight, took a cab to my daughter and son-in-law's apartment, and tried to sleep. But it was just about no use.

My knees hurt a lot. I couldn't get comfortable. Wednesday night, at Mary's place, I took a couple of Tylenol pm tablets, giving in. But I didn't take any last night and perhaps I should have.

So here I am, as stiff as I ever get. Dealing with stairs again, feeling quite a bit of pain. Is it a setback? Or just a challenge? The last time I visited New York my body took a hit but it wasn't permanent. I expect the same to happen this time.

This morning I did the A series of exercises. I haven't missed any since I started this program. I feel this is where the change will start to take place. Right now it is hard to feel there has been any difference, but it is only week three.

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