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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stretching It

The focus of my work in physical therapy is stretching my leg so it will get straight and stay straight. I now sit on the modern version of the rack for ten minutes, while it stretches both legs. It's as much as I can take. When I am home I also work on stretching by placing a five-pound weight on my knee while it is resting on a low stool, straight.

The other day I did the ten minutes and later the weights at home. When I went to bed that night I had a bad time with spasms -  restless-legs. It went on and on and made a hell out of the night.

My theory is that the stretching brings on the spasms later. It makes sense, particularly because the leg that is pushed the hardest - the right- is the one usually going into the spasms. If this is so, then there should come a time when my legs are straight and the spasms slow down and even stop. I hope this is the case.

In general, I am walking better. I have been going without my cane some of the time now and I am starting to walk down stairs alternating legs, rather than stepping down with my right leg and then bringing my left down to meet it. I think I'm making real progress.


betsy bell said...

Judith, great account of the suffering, actions and progress. I wish you the best in this. I wonder if my blog would have any hints that would be helpful. .
Betsy Bell

Arthritis Pain Relief said...

I do some stretching stuffs too so that bloods can circulate well. Just continue doing it my friend. Take care and God bless.