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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Good Day

It didn't start out with a lot of promise. As usual, I caned my way to the kitchen to feed the cats early this morning, bent over and feeling pressure and pain in my right leg. Each time I got up I had to grab the cane. Finally it got close to time to get ready for Aqua.

I changed into my swim suit and swim shirt, added jeans, socks, and shoes, and packed my gym bag. I grabbed my cane and made my way to the car.

At that point I thought maybe things were going a little better. I used my cane to help myself down the steps but it was not arduous, it was pretty easy. By the time I got to the gym and out of the car I knew it was a good day.

I walked in, flashed my tag, walked to the locker room without limping. I did not take my cane in with me. Once ready, I walked out onto the cold concrete deck, swearing yet again that I would get some kind of deck shoes for these cold winter months, and headed to pick up the bouys and noodles, then for the water. So nice. No pain. Pressure, stiffness, but no pain. Another classmate noticed and commented on it. She assumed this was a permanent change but I know better. Still...maybe it's a sign? Yesterday, after all, Chuck, the therapist, said, "Good!" in a way that was different, after pushing my knees down. Straighter, is what he meant. We are getting there.

I went to the dollar store after class. My right hip pain kicked in and made that not the best experience but I could recognize that it was the hip, not the knee.

Another sign that it's a pretty good day: I have been cleaning up spots on the carpet, washing and sorting clothes. Doing a little vacuuming. When my legs feel better I have more energy.

That's Stretch behind me in the pic.

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