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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray!

In the middle of January I returned to the ortho doc who renewed my knees. I told him about the pain in my hip and mentioned that he had taken an x-ray of it a couple of years ago. He tested it by having my lie down and moving it this way and that and pressing here and there. He asked me questions. Then had me get another x-ray.

He showed me what the x-ray revealed: the right hip is worn out, is bone on bone. The left is still looking good. The only solution he felt made sense was a hip replacement. I was all for it.

It's funny how I've changed. Years ago I wanted nothing to do with surgery. Now I have two new knees and am looking forward to a new hip. Part of me just didn't want medical intervention. I wanted to solve it myself, and I was embarrassed at letting my body get to this place (in my case, the wearing out of these joints can easily be attributed to my heavy weight, which I carried for so many years).

Dr. W. gave me a booklet he had written, about hip replacements: the anterior approach. He has been practicing this minimally-invasive surgery for a few years now and finds that it is superior in every way to traditional hip replacement surgery. I have met some of his patients and they all say it is very easy to recover from and the pain goes away completely. The booklet has space to put all my appointments, list all my prescription meds (I still have one that I use occasionally: the Ropinirole), and other notes. So I don't have to make a folder as I did last time. The information is complete, down to "when can I drive?"  (the answer: when I feel okay enough to drive and am no longer on narcotics). A very useful booklet, which I read carefully over the next few days after my appointment.

I am scheduled for this surgery on March 26. I am excited!


arun kumar said...

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Susansweaters said...

I hope all goes well for you!

Michael Garrett said...

How are you doing now? My doctor, Dr Purita, advised me different thing. He said that I don't need to undergo hip replacement. I just had stem cell therapy and my hips are back to normal.