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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Left Leg, the Right Hip

Sometimes, out of the blue, I feel a sharp twinge in the area just below my left knee. It is pain combined with a stiffness, that odd kind of arthritic stiffness that I associate with an arthritic "flareup".  It usually eases off a bit but not always.  It has happened a couple of times lately when I was in the middle of doing leg presses, and continued through the rest of my gym routines.

Sometimes I wake with right hip pain. Sometimes it eases off soon, but other times it just won't. Today, for example, it caused me difficulty getting around the house. I hoped that the Aqua class might actually help it but it didn't. In fact, the frantic water-walking we did today had me almost biting my tongue as I kept hoping it would ease up. It never did and it still hasn't.

These are the two pain issues that most affect me right now. Even when I start off feeling good, going to the market for example, in no pain, one or another of the two will often slip in and make my feel-good time not so feel-good.

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