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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Right Foot Pain

For the last few days I have been happy to adjust my walk by putting my weight on my heel, then moving to my big toe and the big toe "knuckle".  Most of the time this means I walk deliberately and perhaps a little slower but the pain is less than it was. Or at least it seems that way.

This morning I woke with pain in my right foot. I managed to get down the hall to feed the cats but the pain was hard to manage and did not get better. By the time I finished my morning exercises (on my bed) and brushed my teeth and got dressed, the pain had subsided some, and my foot did not seem too bad by the time I got to the gym. However, it surged again on my way out the door and as I prepared for sewing class. It was with me throughout the class, causing me to limp to some extent. I still tried to walk the right way but I was not rewarded with less pain.

The pain is on the right side of my foot, toward the heel but in front of the ankle, and radiates through that section, from bottom to top. The top seems to be the most painful.  When I point my toe the pain worsens.  I haven't found a position that takes the pain away. I might even indulge in some tylenol for the first time in quite a while. 

At the gym I did not do my usual five and a half minutes on the treadmill, because no treadmills were available each time I looked. So I do not know if walking on it would have helped or hurt.


KatieLady said...

Judith have you gone to see a pedorthist or foot specialist? It sounds painful! I developed plantar fasciitis and a friend told me about a store called Foot Solutions, they worked miracles on my plantar fasciitis. It may be worth finding someone to look at your foot.

Judith said...

Hi KatieLady!

No, I have not seen a foot specialist yet. The pain in my foot went away the next day. I suspect it is another manifestation of arthritis. If the pain becomes chronic I'll see somebody! Thanks.

Peter said...

Hi Katie Lady.
Some time ago I was involved in a car accident where I absorbed most of the impact through my right foot on the brake pedal. This caused my foot to become arthritic. I couldn't walk 50 yards without extreme pain. A local drug store suggested I try Glucosamine tablets.I've never been a fan of over the counter remedies but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I'm just about to turn 71 and now walk 3-4 Kms regularly without any pain at all. I've take a 1500mg tab every morning for about a year and I'm amazed at the results. Hope this is a help to you in the future.

Judith said...

On the use of glucosamine: I tried it for a long time and saw no results. I really wanted it to work but for me it did not. This is consistent with many of the studies out there - it works for some and not for others.