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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pain Days

For the last few days I have had more pain in my knees and my feet. Not in my hip, fortunately. When I wake in the mornings and do the bed exercises I find the first ones quite painful because I am so stiff and in pain.

Today I felt like skipping the gym and I think I could have justified it, but I know that, as they say, that way lies disaster. I can miss a day now and then but I have to get back to it quickly.

Here's the thing with me: I don't seem to develop habits. Good habits, that is. I have the habit of reading my life away. I have the habit of eating when I watch television. But when it comes to things like brushing teeth or doing exercises I have to decide every single day to do them. It doesn't happen automatically. So if I miss several days in a row I'm surely in danger of missing a lot more. Today I felt sluggish and in pain and I had to talk my way through the fifteen minutes on the bike, but I knew I had to get through it. I have learned that it is important not to give in to those bad feelings too often.


Rob said...

Hi Judith, I have a cousin who is now in her late 40's and she has struggled with arthritis since her late 20's. She has taken some medication that has really helped. I believe in Canada our meds are quite a bit cheaper and I know you don't want to go that route, but that pain must be awful. I have read that wheatgrass is supposed to be some kind of miracle herb (not sure if it's a herb but it's the best way I can describe it) you can buy it at any health food store. It tastes awful but supposed to have all this healing effect in it. I have taken it for about 3 months, it gives you energy, helps you eat less, and it's supposed to make your blood cells strong and plump. They say it fights cancer, heart disease, have never heard anything about it fighting arthritis but might as well give it a shot. Here in Canada it sells for about $40 a bottle and lasts a month. Good luck to you.

Judith said...

Hi Rob,

I appreciate your concern and comments. I eat a healthy diet, full of fresh vegetables and fruit, and this ensures that I get a ton of fiber and other nutrients, so I don't need to look for miracle foods. I am, in fact, strongly against the whole concept. A lot of people like wheat grass juice and have it often - if you want to continue you might want to get a juicer! And you're right - I am avoiding meds as much as I can and so far so good. I can do it.