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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Feeling good in New York

The real test for me, for the effectiveness of this arthritis program, is New York. And I'm there now.

I am petsitting my daughter and son-in-law's pets again. They have an apartment up two flights of steep, worn, marble stairs. I take the doggie on walks three times a day, down those stairs and up again. The last couple of times I did this I felt pain going down and pain going up, every time.

So far not this time. I am stiff and I don't move quickly but I am not feeling pain when I climb down or up the flights. This is only my third day at it but it's like night and day so far. I am able to enjoy my walks much more than previously because I am not trying to ignore knee or hip pain. I have had a bit of back discomfort, but not debiliating.

I have challenged myself, too. I went to Riverside Park the first day, then to Central Park the next, and up Amsterdam ten blocks, over one and back again today. I'm fine. I find myself plotting where we'll go next. I'm thinking of taking the subway, carrying the doggie in his bag, going somewhere, anywhere, just for the adventure. I might do that this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow.

So far so very good.

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