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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back on track

After weeks of missing exercises and supplements I am almost back on track entirely. This last week I did the Rx exercises M, W, F and did 30-min aerobic activities T, Th, S. I took glucosamine every day. I have, however, run out of ginger.

After those days of excruciating pain in the mornings I am back to more of a discomfort, a manageable pain in the morning. Perhaps it was good to go off for a bit to find that this program is helping. It is a little disconcerting to suspect that it is the regular maintenance of these activities that keeps it working. In other words, I doubt there have been any meaningful physical changes that are longer-term. I wish there were a way to test.

My 30-minute exercises tended to be less painful than before. Because I am just getting back into this, though, I can't count that as a done deal. I have to see if it keeps up. It is the roller-coaster nature of this condition that makes it hard for me to sift through what's working and what isn't. What I can tell right now is this: I have not lost weight and I have stopped taking ginger and still I am experiencing less pain. This suggests that there may actually be some longer-term effects or that the glucosamine and exercises alone are effective.

One more thing I am doing: I have been a vegetarian for almost 25 years. Most of that time I have not been vegan. In the last several months I have moved more toward veganism and right now am just about there. Very few exceptions. The occasional ice cream treat. I am wondering if the diminishing of pain might be related to the diminishing of high-fat dairy products, like cheese. I looked in the Arthritis Rx book and saw dairy products on the inflammatory foods list (except low-fat). So perhaps I am onto something here. Doing a better job on the diet can reap rewards.

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