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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Water, water everywhere

Today I tried out an aqua aerobics class. I wore my water socks because I remembered that the last time I had tried one of these classes I kept losing my balance. I figured those things would grip the floor of the pool better than my bare feet.

They did, but it still felt awkward to me. What's odd is that I cannot see, for the most part, what others are doing in the pool, and I can't usually follow the teacher with anything like a good rhythm. So I felt like I was flubbing a lot but couldn't really tell.

A lot of the moves also hurt my knees and that discouraged me. But by the end they felt okay, and I figure it may just be that they are needing to get used to stresses from different directions. It didn't feel like we were doing anything particularly aerobic, although the moves clearly were. Mild aerobic activity, I guess you'd call it. And that's not so different from walking.

In the last third of the class we used the "noodles" to do some kinds of strength training. I rather enjoyed that.

When the class was done I headed for the spa. It's a terrific one. The jets are strong, felt like wonderful fingers massaging me, and the water temperature is perfect. The spa is large enough for several people, and there do tend to be people in there a lot of the time. Maybe the next time I'll also hit the sauna or steam room. Might as well get full benefit of being there.

I think I will continue to do these classes about once a week, more maybe. That will fulfill one of my aerobic days. Perhaps these classes will also strengthen my arms a bit, which will benefit my swimming when I do that.

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