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Friday, June 8, 2007

Not with it

This week has been a bad one in that I haven't done all of the exercise required in this program. It is my last week in my old house and I have felt like I can give myself a break.

Last night, however, was a "riser rehearsal" in the performing arts center. We were on the risers for over an hour, during which time I briefly leaned and "sat" on one of the bars behind me a few times. Mostly, though, I was standing like everybody else. The good news is that although it was uncomfortable I was not in much pain. Actually, I can't say I was in pain at all, just discomfort. That's distinctly different from the last time I had to do a riser rehearsal. I usually start feeling pain almost immediately and just do whatever I can to get through it, mostly by trying to focus on the music and exclude everything else.

We were fortunate that we were done earlier than usual. I was expecting a three-hour rehearsal, total, and was certainly not looking forward to it. But we got loose early because the orchestra had to rehearse a concerto.

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